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Kirsten Collins: Don't stop on your surface beauty, dig through your heart!

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So, I told that next post will be the most special so far and that I'm very excited and happy for that. I told also I can't even believe it, well and how I could?! :D I got in touch with Kirsten Collins and did an interview with her!

Kisten is girl who have an amazing voice! I'm simply thrilled with her, and you will be if you haven't already. She has released several songs, some of them are Hi-FiveDon't Let Go, (which I'm obsessed), One (which I'm obsessed, too) and the next one is Pretty Face (which I will obsessed), lol. She won Miss Teen Calgary World 2012 and starred in the film Rust 2010.  I asked her about new song, where she finds inspiration, about beauty tips, etc. Enjoy!


1. Can you tell me something about yourself?
KC: I am Kirsten Collins. I am a Canadian artist. I absolutely love food and I can eat like nobody's
 business. I have a purity ring, to stay pure for my wedding night. I'm 20 years old.

2. When I heard your song One I was amazed! You have an amazing voice! Now you will release new song, Pretty Face. What can you tell me about that song? How was it filming music video?
KC: Thank you!! Pretty Face is one of those songs that's about being yourself. It's about taking charge in who you want to portray yourself as, as well as not allowing how others look at you to effect how you see yourself. I was kind of fed up with people always trying to tell me what was right or proper or what they thought was perfect so I wrote this song for people to look inside themselfs and not always stop on their surface beauty. But to really dig in their hearts of who they are and what they see themselves as. It's one of those goody to shoes rebellions that just states be you. I obviously have standards, lol, like others do but it was my fun song to allow growth In myself to happen as I was battling so many opinions. 

3. Speaking of Pretty Face.. can you give me your beauty tips? What contains your makeup for everyday?
KC: Haha, here's my problem.. I don't know what most makeup really does! I'm learning daily from my little sister. To be completely honest, I don't wear makeup daily. Most days I wear no makeup,  but if I had to say my two favourites, it would have to be mascara and under eye stuff and when I want to go all into it I love smash box cc cream! 

4. I know you're a songwriter, too. And I must to ask you where you find inspiration? When you wrote first song?
KC: My inspiration comes from personal events or feelings, others stories and from God.  My first song ever that I wrote was when I was six... Haha, I was singing about my brothers and the boy I had a crush on. It was called 'Take Me To The Moon'. It was quite the little tune, but see, I'd write about 8 verses I had or have way to much to say. My mom has always been there to help narrow it down though and luckily I can now do that myself.

5. You have two brothers and one sister. How was it grow up in big family like yours?
KC: I loved it and obviously it was challenging at points. But I wouldn't trade anyone of them for the world. They helped mould me into who I am as well as taught me a lot about children and being responsible.

6. Who are your musical idols? If you could to cooperate, who will be that person?
KC: My music idols would have to be Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Christina A, Neyo, Michael Jackson, Whitney Huston, Kim Walker, Misty Edwards, to name just a few. 

7. Now, besides your ability to sing, write songs, dance and act, what else can you do? What is your secret talent?
KC: Haha, well I can do anything I put my mind to. I love to quad (4 wheel), I love to drive and if I wasn't into the whole music things probably would race cars. I'm good with kids. I could possible be a clown. Hmmm, I don't know I have a lot of hidden talents like everybody else just figuring them out as I go along.

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