My FIRST Colour Pop Products | NEW IN HAUL

Hello everyone and welcome to my Colour Pop new in haul. This is my very first box and I am very excited to show you what I ordered and to try it all. Talking about it, I will show you two eyeshadow palettes, one crème lux and one sheer matte lipstick. If you hear for the first time about Colour Pop then you should know they are very wallet friendy, high-quality and 100% cruelty free. Before I start I must say that packages are so cute and nice and you will love it as much as I do. Shall we start now? 

I will start with this creme lux lipstick which has brown color. I was looking for some really nice and pretty brown color for a long time now and I'm happy because I finally found it. This lipstick will be so much used and loved. He was made in collaboration with Karrueche and it's called cinnamon. You maybe know, maybe not but I have a cat under name Cinnamon and that's the reason why I chose him. Beside that, do you see all these stars on the lipstick? I just love that detail.

What is better way then to welcome warm weather with a pallete under name MAR? For those who doesn't know mar means the sea on spanish. Si, yo hablo espanol. And short info, there is also a palette under name sol which means sun and I kinda want her but I will talk about it some other time. Now let's get back to mar palette. She comes in a blue package in a ocean color and has nine shadows which are six metallic and three matte. I like every single shade and just can't decide for one. They are so good pigmented and you can make so many daily but also night makeup looks.

Opening this palette was really surprising because she's made like a diary and I LOVE SO MUCH DIARIES. Well hello there, here's a diary kween, lol. Honestly, I were in a shock when I saw her for the first time but in a positive shock because the only palette packages I know are basic ones, so yeah... She comes in a colourful purple package with twelve eyeshadows and this is first colour pop palette with all four finishes: matte, metallic, satin and duochrome. The one I love the most is the pink one. If you ask me for pigmentation my answer will be the same as for the mar palette - very good! You just can't go wrong if you order palette from Colour Pop, I guess. And you know what? My third palette from this brand is on her way to me.

And for the end left nude sheer matte lipstick which has zuma name. It's an amazing shade but I would love it more if it was a little bit darker. What can I say except that I was under a spell for dark, brown shades. Anyway, the applicator is really easy to use, he works perfectly and lips are soft and gentle. Also, if you pass your finger over your lips, everything will remain in place and that is fantastic. Like, there is no way to take it off unless you use micellar water. Now I need more of these, damn.

Have you tried some of these products? What do you think of Colour Pop?


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